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2021 Elections Information

Event though its not a primary election year there are things that are up for vote. City mayors, council members, school directors, and school public measures. We talked to the Hardin County Auditor Jolene Pieters and Angela Silvey Deputy/Elections & Board Secretary as they were testing out the tabulators that count the votes on elections night.

"Voting is November 2ed. Polls open up at 7 and they close at 8. So that is an hour earlier then days past"

You can still register to vote at the polls. You'll need an identification card, that can be your drivers license, Passport, Voter card etc. If those do not have your current address then you need to also bring a utility bill with your address.

The Auditor's office is still looking for a couple of volunteers to help run the polls on elections night. You can contact them thought the Auditors Office.

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