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Aicher Benefit

June 15th two teenagers involved in a sever crash on D67 and B Avenue. "Logan barley had a pulse and was barley breathing when we got there and Jaice was completely unconscious." Malynda Aicher, the boys mother said, "It was pretty heart wrenching to be on scene"

The boys where med flighted to Des Moines Hospitals where they fought for their lives. "Watching them fight for their lives was not ok. I would never want anyone to have to go though that"

Logan got a broken pelvis, fracture skull, broke both sides of his hips, punctured lung, lacerations of the liver, broken foot, and internal bleeding.

Jaice got a broken femur, broken jaw, broken pelvis, lot of lacerations on the arms and legs, broken sternum and broken foot.

The Community came together and sent prayers and set up a gofundme account to help with expenses. "The Community has absolutely been amazing support and prayers. We've had friends make us meals. The outreach of prayers and asking how were doing, how's the boys been doing, as been absolutely amazing" Malynda said.

In less then a month, the boys have recovered rapidly. They have been released from the hospital but they still have a long road to recovery. "Were hoping for a full recovery in a year or so" Mindy said, " Considering we are waiting for things to heal on Jaice and Logan does have a traumatic brain injury"

Mindy Keller, the Gingersnap owner saw the family in need and decided to put a benefit together to help raise funds to help them pay bills. "People were happy to hear about the benefit and was thrilled to hear the boys were going to be there" Mindy K. said, "I was very surprised, overjoyed, and super excited with the outcome. With the heat advisory I was worried people would stay home."

"It made me cry" Malynda Aicher said "because sometimes you just dont realize who is all there for you"

Many hands helped to put the benefit together. The Gingersnap made the loose beef burgers, provided the ice, and provided the works. Ashley Wilson made the salads, desserts and provided the drinks. Ed Perry made the Ice Cream. BJ Hoffman provided the buns. John & Tammy Rash provided the ground beef along with Sedlacek/ST Meats. Heart of Iowa made the signs and banners.

You can follow the boys recovery on the Aicher Strong Facebook page.

We will also have a few photos from the event on our Facebook Page.

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