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Field Fire South of Eldora

A field caught on fire when the wind picked up and re-lit an old fire burning timber from a few days ago.

"I drove by here (the field) just a half hour ago" a farm hand said "and the next thing I know I got a call saying my field was on fire" The farm hand quickly got his tracker and started disking the field trying to burry the embers and keep them from catching the corn stocks on fire.

Eldora arrived first and called in back up. Union was able to respond but the time the fire departments got to the scene most of the field was burning. They had a hard time gaining control of the fire due to winds and lack of people. The county sheriff, Emergency Management helped with traffic sense there was low visibility from the smoke blowing across the road.

Once they gained control of the fire near the road and were confident that it would not spread across the road they went to were the burning timber was. They quickly gained control of the fire there and were able to put it out.

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