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Getting the Union Pool Ready

Yesterday morning a few community members met at the Union Pool to start cleaning up the pool and getting it ready for the summer. "With the weather as strange as it has been, we go from freezing weather you don't think about the pool then all of a sudden you have one week of hot weather it's like oh we need to open up this pool," one resident said.

Every year the discussion of whether or not to open the pool comes up. With age comes repairs but this year the pool did get a grant for some equipment from the Hardin County Endowment Foundation. The City council didn't want to put an ad out for lifeguards right away till they knew if the pool was in good enough condition to open.

"Unfortunately, we don't know if we're going to be able to open up because of lack of lifeguards but we'll figure something out" If they don't have enough lifeguards to open the pool every day they may still do events at the pool this year to keep it going.

A few of the helpers have kids that go to the pool every day and they wanted to show their support for the pool. "I want to do it community good. We're concerned about our children or grandchildren or nieces and nephews and that we care about them," Karrie said, "keeps them out of trouble, gives some exercise"

"We want the town back to the way it used to be, positive happy friendly family orientated," one resident said.

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