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Hardin County Post Election Audit

After the election the Secretary of state issues a random precinct and race for each county to count and make sure the accuracy of the election. This year for Hardin County, it was precinct 1, which is Iowa falls, and the race of Mayor. Each step of the audit is monitored. Starting with the Auditor opening a sealed bag of the ballots and counting them to make sure they are all there. Then the volunteer gets a share and starts counting. They double count each piles as well.

Once that is done they compare to what the tabulator, the ballot machine says there should be. If the count matches then the ballots are recollected, counted and resealed, if not then there is an immediately recount of the whole county and the Secretary of state is contacted.

This year the post Election Audit came out correct and there were no errors. You can watch the video to see the full process.

01:00 Oath for the counters

02:15 - Getting ballots and explaining why they are bagged/sealed.

04:15 Iowa falls - Precinct counting the mayor vote. Secretary of State says what precinct and what race to Audit.

08:20 confirming count - 279 ballots + 4 separated ones with 283 (the correct amount) Iowa falls has 2 precincts therefore this is not the total vote count of Iowa Falls Mayor just one precinct.

10:10 - comparing tabulator vs what they counted - Same

11:25 - sort the ballots based on how the mayor votes. One pile will be write in.

12:30 - start of sorting.

13:00- Questions that reporter asks the Auditor.

16:00 Count the piles.

19:30 Switch and Verify

22:30 - Chairmans of the parties were invited to come

22:50 Tally what they counted.

Candidate 1 - 176 counted - Candidate 2 had 99.

181 on tabulator (Machine). 2ed candidate at 100

26.30 Counting the extra 4. making Candidate 1 = 181. Candidate is still missing 1.

27:00 Recounting to find the 1 missing.

31:40 - found a pile that counted as 52 but after recount was 53. Matching Candidate 1 with the tally. Candidate is still at 99.

32:30 Counting “others”. The ‘others’ category is what the tabulator separated as write ins or as over count or undervote. 1 over and 2 undervote. There is 1 for candidate 2.

34:50 total vote count is 283 (181+100+2=283)

35:44 - Auditor will recount all the ballots and reseal them.

39:00 Counted 279 + 4 = 283 (correct amount)

40:50 - Counters signing the bag.

43:10 Bag is re-sealed. Ballots stay at the auditor's office.

44:20 - Done

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