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HCCEF Awards 2022 Highlights

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

*Video is a highlight of that night. Check the other post for the full video.

The Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation (HCCEF) was founded back in 2005. Since then the HCCEF has granted millions of dollars to various organizations, non-profits, and emergency services throughout Hardin county.

This year is no exception. With the County Endowment fund, there is $112,875 funds were granted to various projects. 18 were of non-Profit groups, 15 were awarded in 7 different communities and 3 county-wide organizations.

With the County Arts & Culture Endowment Fund, $9,410 was granted to 5 projects. 4 were non-profit groups from 4 different communities and 1 county-wide organization.

How the funding works for the HCCEF is some of the funds come from gambling done across the state. The money is split between counties that do not have a casino. The other way the HCCEF receives money is through donations done by residents.

If you would like to donate you can go through their website, Or you can contact, Tam Elerding, Program Director – 641-373-1379

List of the grants given this year:

County Endowment Fund Program

Plus HCCEF Unrestricted Endowment


Eldora Area Ambulance Foundation—$7,725

Operation Lifesaver

Eldora-New Providence School District—$3,225

Gym AED Equipment and CPR Training Supplies

Radcliffe Firefighter Foundation Incorporated—$12,500

RFD Breathing Air Compressor Project

Human Services

Ackley Volunteer Ambulance Service—$1,500

AVAS Chaos to Cabinets

Eldora Fire And Rescue Trust Fund—$12,500

Cascade Air System

Public/Society Benefit

Ackley Pool Betterment Group—$18,000

Wading Pool with Splash Pad Feature Renovations

Alden Active Achievers 4-H Club—$1,250

New Sandbox with Sunshade

City of Alden—$1,000

Picnic & Campsite Enhancement

Friends of Eldora Parks and Recreation—$7,000

Disc Golf Course at Memorial Park

Hardin County Agricultural Society—$5,875


Hardin County Farm Museum—$7,000


Hubbard Swimming Pool—$7,000

Hubbard Swimming Pool

Memorial Park Betterment Committee—$5,000

Memorial Park Shade Structure

Radcliffe Public Library—$7,000

Circulation Desk Remodel

Steamboat Rock Public Library—$4,300

Library Bookshelves

Union Betterment Association #1—$2,500

Sparkle our Park

Union Betterment Association #3—$8,000

Improve our Pool

Union Public Library—$1,500

Digitizing Media Bundle

Hardin County Arts & Culture

Endowment Fund

Art in the Green Belt Committee—$750

Art in the Greenbelt

Camp Pine Lake—$3,210

Let’s Set the Stage


Education-Display Units, Storage, Reference

St. Matthew’s By-The-Bridge Episcopal Church—$700

Iowa Fall Summer Organ Recital Series, “Masterworks for Organ”

Union Betterment Association #2—$2,250

Preserving Our Heritage

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