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Historical House Fundraiser

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Every year the Hardin County Historical Society (HCHS) hosts a car show event to help raise money for the Historical House and the Historical Library uptown. The funds go to "keep it painted, keep windows repaired, there's always repairs. You know there's high maintenance on old buildings, so to keep the maintenance up, and that's a continual process." Valerie, a said.

This year they had to do a covid-style event. The classic car owners met at the Eldora-New Providence old High School like usual but they drove to the historical house, got a meal and drink. Then they went to the nursing home to get some homemade soft ice cream. Once everyone was done with their lunch and ice cream they went to Hubbard, driving past the Care Center, Radcliff, Alden, then stopping at Iowa Falls Fareway parking lot where they did the 50/50 raffle.

"A normal year would be everybody is in Eldora the whole time. Then the individuals would come to see the car classic owners at the old school"

"I heard comments first how nice it was to drive by the care facilities in Eldora, Hubbard and Iowa Falls and see residents in the windows, doorways and some outside waving and smiling. Just enjoying the opportunity for something different." Tina, HCHS board member said, "The second comment was how beautiful the scenery was through the Hardin county country side. It was a beautiful day for a cruise, despite the wind and some even said let's do this again next year."

"The HCHS would like to thank everyone that volunteered to help, businesses that donated and all the cruisers that drove the miles to make this fundraiser a great success."

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