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Iowa's Ride Event

Today was an eventful day as more then 500 riders went through various Hardin county towns. Many had a great time. Dancing, drinking and just chatting with everyone.

One group of riders are part of Ends of the Earth Cycling. They do cycling tours to inform youth of the gospel globally. "We do long distance Christ-centered cycling course, so we ride Christin ministry's all over the world and we raise money in support for clean water wells, librarys, and different causes for youth." Justin said. If you would like to know more you can check out their website here.

In Union the Fire Department teamed up with the Gingersnap to help raise funds. "A lot of good people are donating to the Fire Department." Troy the Union Fire Department Chief said. The Funds are going to help get a new grass rig truck.

In new providence the bearcats, a 4-h club, and the breakfast morning group worked together on serving Ice cream Sundays, and brunch for the riders. "Its been a good day." Andrea says, "we've had a good crowd"

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