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library County Wide Bingo Game

Every year the Eldroa Library has a back to school activity for the patrons. This year do to Covid restrictions they decided to have a family friendly activity that kids could do at home, so they came up with the Fall Bingo game and challenged Ackley, Alden, Hubbard, Iowa Falls, Radcliffe, Steamboat Rock, and Union Libraries.

“We thought, why not make it county wide! With so many restrictions in place we did not want families to forget what a wonderful place the library is!” Joan Grothoff, Director of the Eldora Library said.

The game rules are for kids to checked out from their home library and they read as many books as they can filling in the squares to get a bingo then turning it in to their library. Each bingo is worth 5 points and a blackout are worth 50 points. The game started September 8th and goes through October 6th.

The Library with the most points will get a “traveling book” and bragging rights. “We would like to see the winning library throw out the next challenge! Our idea is to do a seasonal challenge” Joan said, “We are totally doing this for fun and consider everyone a winner by having interactions with their libary"

Head your local library to pick up your books and a bingo card.

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