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Memorial Park Clean Up

Saturday morning a group of people came to Memorial park to start up clean-up. For the past few years, many big trees have fallen over blocking the paths. They only planned on cutting dead trees. There won't be many changes to the park but they will be adding a Frisbee Golf Course. It will be 18 holes with a 56 par.

Frisbee Golf, also known as Disk Golf, is a game like Golf but instead of clubs and golf balls you use Frisbee and try to throw it into the baskets Friends of Eldora plan to finish the clean-up and put in the baskets on Saturday 23, 9AM-5PM.

Friends of Eldora of Parks & Recreation also plan on cleaning the other parks on Friday, April 22, 10AM-3PM. If you or a group of people you can RSVP with Linda Goodell or Nicole Low at that way they can plan accordingly.

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