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Memorial Park Clean up Update

Last Saturday, Friends of Eldora Park and Recreation continued clean-up at Memorial Park in Eldora for putting in the Disk Golf, also known as Frisbee Golf. How you play is you take a frisbee and try to throw it into the basket and just like golf each hole has a par or attempts made to get into the basket. The 18 baskets will be put in on a later date when the ground isn't wet.

Eagle scouts and church organizations just to name a few groups volunteered resulting in over 20 people helping out. From little hand to experienced hand. Everyone was helping out. The Volunteers were clearing up trash, shoveling and spreading mulch, and clearing up the pathways.

By putting in the frisbee golf course, the Friends of Eldora Park and Rec hope it will help draw in people. The course is a par 56, making it a competitive course. Eldora may be a location that can host tournaments in the future, being in people and revenue for the business in the town.

Even if you don't want to play frisbee golf the park paths are open up now and easier to traverse. You can walk around the park enjoying the Iowa river or looking at the scenery allowing others to move around the park once again. We will be posting more photos on our Facebook page.

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