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Science Center of Iowa Visits Union Library

The Union Library kicked off their kids program off with a 'boom'.

The Science Center of Iowa come up to Union Library to show their 'Boom' program. "What I'll be doing is some demonstrations on scientific ideas that have to do with explosions." Dan Kreipke, Project Manager with the Science Center said.

"The Science Center has come down here before." Laura Newby the Head Librarian said, "Malissa from Steamboat Library asked if anybody would want to share the program with Dan and the Science Center, and I always love to share programs with other libraries."

The Union Library has been working hard though Covid to keep the children's program up and running by going online. This year with regulations easing up they could start doing programs face to face again.

Laura said, "I'm glad were finally trying to get back to it. We really have missed it the last couple of years."

"So have we" Dan finished.

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