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Sons of America Flag Fundraiser

Yesterday the Sons of America did a spaghetti fundraiser to get new flags, flag poles, and all the equipment that is needed for the East Lawn Memorial Garden. It was a long-standing tradition to raise flags on Memorial day in honor of veterans but over the years the cemetery has switched hands the flag poles and flags fell into disarray.

Kirk the Commander of the sons of America wanted to bring back the tradition. "So they took it upon themselves to start putting flags poles back up, and at that time they could only find 17 of the flag poles and the flags." Jay Mical, Project Coordinator said. Jay did extensive research to find out that they needed 64 flag poles and flags. The Sons of America decided to get 70 to have a few extra.

People from neighboring states like Wisconsin and Kansas have also been donating. Jay said, "it's been totally amazing how the community has been getting behind us." The sons of America Facebook page said that they ended up running out.

Check out our photo from the event on our Facebook page.

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