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Union Council Meeting April 12 2022

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6:30 PM, TUESDAY, APRIL 12 , 2022





00:01:10 3. PUBLIC HEARING – Sale of alleyways.

NOTES: Residents were sent a letter that was directly involved. The letter let them know if they wish to proceed with purchasing the alleyway they would have to pay the legal fees.

Questions from Residents?

Resident 1: Can you go back to the beginning and explain? We bought our house a few years ago and dint know there was an ally there till a few years later. It's now our driveway. We use it quite a bit now. So why now is it abandoned? Residents use it quite often. We understand the alleyways that are not being used but we do use ours. Does the cost also pay for a survey? Town: The cost does not cover a survey.

CM: do you use the whole ally?

RES: Not all the time but yes.

CM: There were a few people in town who were maintaining the alleyway and so they wanted to purchase it. The city is not maintaining it, not mowing or plowing.

Res 1: how much will it cost to get it to the survey? Do we have to pay for it?

CM: Not sure and yes.

Res 2: I am with the Res 1. I would clean up the area but my question is we know it will be more than what the letter said for the survey, why wasn't there more information?

CM: We have a new city attorney and a new city clerk. Mistakes were made. The new city attorney didn't inform the clerk of everything we need to do so when we did this the first time we didn't do it correctly.

Res 2: What would happen if a few residents didn't do this a few did what would happen?

CM: Then you can drive up to a point or till the other homeowners' land starts.

CM: What are you, residents planning on doing? Purchasing it? Not?

Res 2: Right now. No, we don't know the cost of the survey or other things. It's not worth it.

Res 1: I am worried that someone would buy it

CM: No one can buy it. Only the properties next to the alleyway can buy it.

Res 2: So if the neighbors along the alleyway don't buy it nothing changes?

CM: Nothing changes. It will stay as an abanded alleyway.

Res 1: legal fees?

CM: No fees. We will get your $1 back. what you originally paid for.


00:23:00 4. Public Comments – No Council Action Taken.

Res: We want to make sure the sewer line is taken care of. I have a property that floods often. I would like to see something start working so it can be done by harvest.

CM: We have been talking to Rhonda (water person) We have quotes to do the work.

Res 3: It will probably have to start this spring to get it done by fall.

Res 4: We have a light pole looks like it will fall soon?

CM: Is it Allients?

Res 3: We also have a few powerlines leaning also.

Res 4: Can we fill it with dirt?

CM: Yes. We can take a look at it but if it's Allient then it's Allient’s responsibility.

Res 3: Ditch on commercial street. We did have plans to fix it but Derecho came in and took president. Plans to continue work on it?

Res 5: Question about emergency services. I made a call to 911 and had to wait for Eldora to come. What's the point of having one if no one can respond?

CM: We have 2 new people training right now. Ambulance Management has a plan on asking someone who was interested that lives in Whitten. They might get a few more and we probably will have more responses from the Union ambulance.

Res 3: Are they self succinate or do they get funds from the city?

CM: They do ask for funds but it isn't much there will be new management so things will probably change with the Amberlance

00:30:40 5. Approval of March City Council and Library minutes and Claims Paid.

Approved 33:35

6. Reports:

00:33:45 a. Clerk Report:

00:35:00 b. Sheriff Report:

NOTES: 20 calls last month. Nothing major

00:35:35 c. Water/Wastewater Report

NOTES: We don't have one yet. She sent the email but forgot the attachment. She also had a loss in the family.

00:36:00 d. Mayor’s Report

Rhonda said everything is there to do the j box down at the lagoon. Do park clean up at the end of the month? The school will come help with clean-up. We have some street signs that need touched-up. Please when you are out and about take notes on any other signs that need to be updated. There are a few bridges that are looking in rough shape. Contacted the county to get a number to get an inspection of the bridges. If they fail then the roads will have to be closed. Talked to Troy, the Fire Chief, about burning the creek. He will also flush hydrants probably next month. Mayor also has abatement list. Letters will be sent out in the next few weeks.

Updates on Pool? no. We are slowly getting there. Getting a date set next month to clean. Plan to get an ad in the paper to get lifeguards. The guy who can do inspections on pools will come up next week to get an inspection and quotes.

Clerk: Date on clean up?

CM: Not yet.

00:40:23 7. REQUEST TO BE ON AGENDA – Resident request to address council about traffic on Barclay St.

NOTES: Resident wants speed limit reduced by apartments on Barclay. People are speeding down the road at all hours of the night and day.

CM: What is the speed limit? It is 25mph

Do we want to consider it? We have heard about this on other side streets as well.

Leave as it is for now since the resident is here.

00:43:30 8. Consider for approval RESOLUTION 22-05: Closing and vacating the alley, approving the transfer of vacated alley and authorizing execution of deed.

NOTES: Suggest making an amendment to the Resolution. Removing the names of those who have chosen not to purchase their part of the alleyway.

Is that still staying the whole alleyway? It's vacating the whole alleyway, which we have already done last month.

The other block we are taking out of the amendment sense no one from that block showed up.

00:49:45 Motion: we adopt as revised. Passed

00:51:15 9. Discuss and action on advisory agreement between City and Northland Securities.

NOTES: What it is: Every 5 years the state revolving fund requires us to make a lot of reports that we can pay our loan (our sewer loan). Then they have to sent to a certified person to put together. it is $1000. It will not exceed $1000. It will also include the water rates. This is a company that we used in the past.

00:53:34 Motion to approved - Approved

00:54:10 10. Discuss and action on gravel/road repair on East St.

NOTES: It is the road in front of Karrie’s house. Mayor has been down the road and it's packed down. Rock might not help

Is it the Elevators road? or Citys?

Karrie: I've always been told it's a city road.

The city isn't sure if it is. We have plowed it because we have a res down there but it might be the elevator's road.

We probably should talk to the elevator and Jerry (hay action) and see what they say and maybe get a plan together.

00:58:10 11. Consider for approval ORDINANCE 168 Amending Chapter 45 of the Union Municipal Code.

NOTES: This is on the fireworks. It is adding more definition of what consumer fireworks are. Have issues where someone is shooting off fireworks but the sheriff comes after a complaint has been made but people say they didn't do it so the adjustment will make the landowner will be responsible if fireworks are shot off.

There will be a list of what you can and can't do.

01:04:30 Motion to approve

CM: What is the difference between the revised one and the one that has already been written?

The written one does not have it listed out

Who made the list? Was it copy-pasted?

Eldora has the same ordinance

01:05:55 seconded - VOTE: 1 Abstand 2 Nay 2 Yes

What happens is it will stay as written.

12. Consider waiving the 2nd and 3rd reading of ORDINANCE 168.

Skipped/ Not Applicable

13. Adopt ORDINANCE 168.

Skipped/ Not Applicable

01:07:15 14. Discuss and action on quote received to remove the pedestrian walkway on the Southeast corner of 3rd and Kearney St.

NOTES: It is caving in. Do we have to have 3 quotes? No, it won't cost enough to require 3 quotes.

CM: doest mind doing this as long it's clear that the sidewalk ends so no one bikes into the creek.

Motion 1:10:10 to remove the sidewalk


15. Adjournment


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