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Union Council Meeting February 16th

There are timecodes (00:00:00) showing when discussion of topics happened. To read the timecode it is Hours:Minutes:Seconds. These times are a rough estimate.

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6:00 pm Special Meeting Tuesday February 16




6:00pm Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Please wear a mask if attending person.


Please call (641)486-9000.

Enter Code 11117 when prompted.

Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Tom Bays, Alan Donaldson, Andy Clemons, Cindy Clemons, Candy Wait.

Public Comments

Approval of Agenda

Discuss and Action:

1. Consider and adopt Resolution 21-01-Approval of FY2022 Maximum Property Tax


2. Consider Loan for Derecho Damage

3. Consider and Create Budget for FY2022

Tuesday Feb 16th Budget Meetings

Call to Order: 00:00:00

Rollcall 00:00:30

Public Comments 00:00:40

NOTES: Alen brings up UBA is still up and running.

Approve Agenda 00:01:10

Discuss and Actions

*Skipping #1 Consider and adopt Resolution 21-01-Approval of FY2022 till later in video

#2 Consider Loan for Derecho Damage 00:01:30

NOTES: Mayor called HCSB (?). Need 250,000. Bank wants profit and losses sheets, and other financial reports. Alen talked to Heart of Iowa about funding. They need to talk to their board. Heart of Iowa is willing to help fund/loan money. Their meeting is next week.

00:03:15 pay the interest for a year.

00:03:45 Ask other banks also?

00:04:30 Try to find a loan where you pay the interest for a year till FEMA funding can come though.

00:04:50 Decide to re-vote about loss tax and funds?

00:05:45 Public voting about loss money? Public hearing.

#3 Consider and Creat Budget for FY2022 00:06:50

00:08:20 Tax % and Levies

00:08:40 Local option tax

00:09:40 Water and Utility

00:10:00 Plan income

00:10:20 Possible changes?

00:11:10 Amend Costs (Till April. Will have better understanding of FEMA and Loan)

00:12:10 Have 50,000 left (no assignment) But cant use Water or Sewer, etc

00:13:10 Rebecka asks about how funds can be spent.

00:13:40 Road and Sidewalks 270,000 (includes tree removal)

00:15:40 Derrecho fund numbers (emergency)

00:16:00 Nothing in stone (Tax is solid)

00:16:30 Street lighting 1,100? No its 11,000 (typo) Total amount is correct for that section

00:17:50 Information (income) is based on what we had in the past.

00:18:40 70,000? (Other city government) 7,000 in the past? Possible Error. That's a catch all.

00:20:20 Ambulance doubled between 2020 & 2021

00:20:50 OTher city governments transfer in. Its money moving around.

00:22:15 Transfers inn 150,000 (?) Will have to amend.

00:23:00 Park should go down. No projects. Park has money in it for repairs from emergencies. (from insurance)

00:24:50 Cant change Police

00:25:10. The Fire Department and Library turned in a budget they would like, or requested.

00:26:00 Borrow funds from water and Sewer? (Simple answer: No)

00:33:20 Fire Department and Library Expense 110,000

00:34:00 Continue discussion about borrowing funds from water and sewer

00:35:20 Budget has to be in by March 15th. Have to know by April to Amend 2022 budget.

00:36:00 Take funds from Ambulance? Mostly sense there is only 1 person on crew. May not even be functional with only 1 person.

00:38:10 A decision must be made. Either sit on it tonight and have another meeting soon.

00:38:50 Can money be pulled later?

00:39:10 Do we have a choice to not cut them?

00:41:40 You can only take funds from those three.

00:43:10 More information on Thursday

00:44:20 FEMA Funding. Nailing down the details

00:47:10 Meet again? Overmorrow Thursday Feb 18th 6pm. (It was later decided Thursday Feb 18th at 5PM)

00:48:00 Can you move the money? EX: Borrow 50,000 from Water and Sewer. Then get a loan for 200,000 and maybe FEMA comes in with 100,00 so the loan goes down to 100,000?

00:49:45 Discussion about Water and bond in the past. It wasn't quick but maybe this one will. Don't need engineers and DNR and such.

00:54:20: What do we want to do? Chat with banks. Banks will probably want more information. No city can plan for 2/3d of their budget to be wiped out.

56:30 Peoples thoughts on making a decision? Can it hold it till thursday?(No) Information has to be published in paper by noon Thursday.

00:58:10 Leave the funds as is and take and leave Nothing from Amberlace, 10,000 Fire, 10,000 to Library?

01:00:10 Looking at pool funds. Can't take from it as it is now. Have to wait for a public vote. Can't touch the 20,000 to the pool till it goes onto a ballot.

01:03:35 Back to discussing the Budget.

01:05:40 What full amount can fire, amburlance, and Library function without funding?

01:07:05 Park is high because of the insurance money.

01:08:40 Motion to take 10,000 from the Fire Department 7,500 from the Ambulance and 10,000 from the Library with the inception that FEMA will come through and give it back to them.

Approved 1:09:10

#1 Consider and Adopt Resolution 01:09:30

01:11:50 Motion adopt it with the corrections made

01:12:10 Approved

01:12:45 Motion to adjourn.

Next Meeting Next Thursday 18th 5PM

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