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Union Council Meeting February 18th

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5:00 pm Special Meeting Thursday February 18




5:00pm Thursday, February 18, 2021

Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Tom Bays, Alan Donaldson, Andy Clemons, Cindy Clemons, Candy Wait.

Public Comments

Approval of Agenda

Discuss and Action:

1. Consider and Create Budget for FY2022

00:25 Talked to Mr Martie. Got a list of loans from other banks but recommend HCSB. The council had a good conversation with thim.

02:40 One thing coming up next year that requires funding would be the 3 fire hydrants.

4:00 Also asked Martie if we can bump up the Library, fire and ambulance. Council can choose.

4:35 If the town chooses to close the pool then theres a chance to move the funding after community vote to close it Martie suggested to talk to Vega city (?) to make sure it's done correctly

9:00 First column is the budget from last year, year to date is what was actually spent on the spreadsheet the council has.

10:00 At the end of last year were under budget of 71,000 but this year over budget 215,000

10:30 Council member asks about the problem sheet. Going to get into trouble with taking so much out? Do we have other obligations? (sinking funds is claimed water funds)

11:20 Water leak example

12:50 The collection for the lagoo. There were 27,500 collected. The council can't take that fund or use it somewhere else other than the lagoon.

14:50 Water read 32,000 hasn't been taken out of that fund yet.

15:20 Could always take a higher loan and lessen taking from inside loan. Papers will have to be drawn up for an internal loan. Making the city accountable for itself and putting funds back where they should be.

16:40 If decided to do this, they would have to have a public hearing about the internal loan.

20:25 property tax is a set amount of 87,075

21:00 Loss money: 2021 31,000 now 34,000. Writing in 35,000

23:20 Licensing and permits: SHRC applied already. Snap will have liquor and cigs

24:00 Property interest: 1,100.

25:15 City property 700 to 500 to 500. For years it has been less than what the town has gotten. Town council budgeted $500

26:05 Intermental government is townships, grants. Last year we figured 54,000 got 58,033. not sure what to expect this year. The library sometimes gets funds from the county.

27:40 Rebecka asks about defining the various funds and how that works. Town can't take funds from the library’s other funding. Only what the town chooses to give the library.

28:20 Charges for services. EX if someone uses the ambulance then the money the person pays goes towards the ambulance but it is a separate fund from the town giving funds. It has to be reported though the town though.

30:30 More income coming 194 has gotten so far this year.

31:10 200 water connections. Commercial and residential. Budget: 265,000

32:10 What we got from people not mowing their loans and assets it. Not what was actually got. Just what the town charged for people not mowing their loan. Don't usually budget it. Left it at 0

33:00 Misc. The biggest thing was insurance. budget for 0

34:00 Transfers in and Transfers out It negates itself. Next year transfers in and out may be more due to the loan.

34:50 Money transfers we borrow from internal will show in the in and out. Will need to adjust last years and possible increase this year. 285,000

39:40 Public safety 39:40 includes fire, amberlance, police. Police have not indicated an increase. 9,600 is police, which is solid, it won't change. Funds chosen from other nights for fire and Ambulance. Will fire reduce their budget sense if funds are being cut?

43:00 Whatever left money will go into the truck fund. Can any of it to the public safety? Not really. It goes into the truck fund and cant move out or it goes into the general ledgers (general fund) Truck fund is a designated fund.

47:10 Not giving the ambulance so split that in two, 3,250 and gave to the others? If the township funds are not used to go into the truck fund.

51:10 We can 7,500.... Next fiscal year might be rough. Suggestions 5,000 from each. Liburary, Fire, Amberlance? Final destination: Taking 5,000 from each so Fire has 10,000, Amberlance has 2,500, Library has 15,000

55:20: Budget amount is the same but 5,000 will be taken from each fire, lib and amb. 60,600

56:10 Public works is streets and roads. Money has been spent. Will have to amend 2021 for those costs. A lot of patches can be done. There is road work in town. Budget 90,000

59:00 Culture and Recuations, is the pool and library. Last year's budget was 102,000. Only spent 40,000 - it was the library spending. Pool wasn't open due to covid. Left at 102,000 for this year's budget.

1:03:40 General Government and Business expenses: Bills, payrolls and salaries, Stamps, office supplies. Budget 66,000

1:05:30 Capital projects. Dump truck, water meters etc. 75,000 (anything over 25,000 can be capital projects). Budget is 75,000

1:07:40 Total expedencers: $393,600

1:8:40 Other revenue: do you want to add the fema/loan? 300,000 suggested

01:12:44 The loan expenses will show in the previous year budget.

01:14:20 Other finicess has been changed to 150,000 (loan)

01:15:10 Total Income: 895,675

01:17:30 Another meeting: Next Tuesday 23rd 4PM (should be quick.)

01:19:00 Line of credit 200,000? 150,000? leave it at 200,000

01:22:05 Ajurn

01:22:25 END

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