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Union Council Meeting February 23

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

There are timecodes (00:00:00) showing when discussion of topics happened. To read the timecode it is Hours:Minutes:Seconds. These times are a rough estimate.

Italicized text - Union City Council original agenda sheet.

Bold text - Main points within the video from the Original Agenda Sheet

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Regular Text - Sub-categories or points of interest within the main points.

NOTES - A few Categories only have ‘NOTES’ with them. It gives a summary of the discussion.

4:00 pm Special Meeting Tuesday February 23




Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Tom Bays, Alan Donaldson, Andy Clemons, Cindy Clemons, Candy Wait.

Public Comments

Approval of Agenda

Discuss and Action:

1. Final review of FY22 Budget Before Publication

00:00:25 #1 Final Review of FY2022 Budget Before Publication

00:03:30 Questions?

00:06:00 The money for the library, Fire, Ambulance from the city show on one of the sheets? The total budget for those three are reported to the state by the city but the amount the city gives to them are not reported.

00:13:20 Good for publication?

00:14:10 Does the amended budget (for fy2021) have to be republished? Answer: Yes it does. Also the council will have to have another hearing for the amended budget.

00:14:40 Motion to approve.

00:15:00 Approved

00:15:10 Adjourned.

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