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Union Council Meeting January 11, 2021

There are timecodes (00:00:00) showing when discussion of topics happened. To read the timecode it is Hours:Minutes:Seconds. These times are a rough estimate.

Italicized text - Union City Council original agenda sheet.

Bold text - Main points within the video from the Original Agenda Sheet

Bold and Italicized text - imported dates of meetings

Regular Text - Sub-categories or points of interest within the main points.

NOTES - A few Categories only have ‘NOTES’ with them. It gives a summary of the discussion.


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Public Comments

Approval of Consent Agenda


Discuss and Action:

  1. Library Presentation to the Council

  2. Designate Eldora Herald Ledger as the official newspaper

  3. FY2022 Budget

  4. Water Meter Radio Read Update

  5. Hydrant Replacement

  6. Reimbursement for Observing Derecho Tree Removal

  7. Update on FEMA

  8. 205 Center Street - Bids for lots

  9. Alley Fence Repair 800 Block of 4th Street

  10. Dump truck Replacement

  11. Betterment Committee Disbanded. Holiday Decorations and FLags Display Now City Responsibility. Shipping Container Purchases

  12. Equipment Purchased from Hardin COunty

  13. Committees


Public Comments: 00:00:30

Resident asks about updates on trees in town.

*NOTES: The Tree cutters are close to being done. Probably done by the end of the week. The Council is stull working with FEMA. May have to get a low interest lown with the state (looking about $300,000+) to help cover costs till FEMA funds come in. (For comparison Cedar Rapids just recently got their funding from the floods 2 years ago)

Resident about town management guild.

NOTES: Its a service people can sign up and they can get notifications on their phones. Example if a water main breaks and the town is under a boil advisory then a notification can be pushed out via the phone and residents can know right away. The Library is also willing to help send out information via their email information.

Resident asks about adding the agenda to the water bill?

NOTES: Town Council doesn't always know the Agenda till a few days before town meetings. Not in time before water bills are sent out. The Agenda for meetings are posted at the Post Office, Bank, Library, and the Gingersnap

Approval of Agenda: 00:05:45 - 00:06:05

Approval of Consent Agenda: 00:06:05

Reports 00:06:55

00:07:00 Clerk Report: Bank Accounts 00:07:00. Emergency Fund Costs ($170,760) 00:07:35

00:07:50 Troy Reports: Inspection of 2 houses. (206 Perry and 708 Main)

00:09:25 Sheriff report: NOTES: Council mentions Sheriff was busy.

09:46:00 Ronda Reports: (Water and Sewer updates. #4 Water Meter Radio Read Update and #5 Hydrant Replacement)

00:09:46 No leak. NOTES: Look at past records, nothing was consistent. Tring to find a pattern. Still investigating. Keeping watch on the meters once a week instead of once a month. Not sure what it is but something is up.

00:12:15 Water Usage. Oct to Nov: Down almost 500,000 gallons and Nov to Dec: Down another 250,000 Gallons.

00:12:49 Waste Water. Down from 2,000,000 to 1,000,000

00:13:20 Water Project with Manciable. It is moving but slowly.

NOTES: Dan (Main contact) is ill. Ronda wants to see about Dan before getting another person. Ronda is in contact with other communities who are interested in using Manciable and if they do so then the town may get a lower cost along with other communities. THe cost per unit and software. Ronda is talking with the Company and other committees.

00:15:00 Well House Repairs. NOTES: Well House has many things that are rusting out that come with age and humidity. The Well pool also needs to be serviced. Dennis is worried that some of the nuts and bolts are too rusted out and could bust out. They want to check it out, get an idea of what needs repaired and find the cheapest solution.

00:16:30 Fire Hydrant Replacement (#5 Hydrant Replacement) NOTES: Contractor turned off water on their own. (did not inform town council or anyone else) Ronda plans to have a discussion with them about it.

00:21:00 Waste Water. Flow is down (good). NOTES: Found 5 manholes with 2 possible on a farm field that are covered/buried. They need to be sealed or brought up (accessable from the surface). They have been flagged off. If being torn up must be done before farm fielding. In liscob when similar thing happened they had a 30% drop in flow. DNR has confirmed that no engineer has to be their. The town can do this on their own.

00:25:05 Water and Sewer Budget.

00:26:10 Council Member asks about billing.

00:30:50 Amberlance NOTES: Needs new lights. Need more crew, drivers and EMTS

Discuss and Action:

#1 Library Presentation to the Council 00:31:50

NOTES: The Library was doing well but then Covid hit. Library honoreded state rules on covid restrictions. The technology side, you can check out books or audio books via computer, phone, kendle, etc. Its been picking up traction.

00:34:50 Library adding a reading patio. People can preserve their family name or groups. Can buy a brick to add to it. It has just recently started

00:36:15 Updating electrical wiring. The library is working to get a grant to update their wiring. It’ll be a few months before they know if they get it or not. It is a matching grant

00:36:50 Library would like to keep similar funding for the next budget year.

#2 Designate Eldora Herald Ledger as the OFficial Newspaper 00:38:50

#3 FY2022 Budget 00:39:10

NOTES: Fire Department needs to present one. Their is a maxaim Levy. The Town Clerk has been having issues logging on. To be published on a tuesday it needs to by the 26th but hab it in by the 21st. After that the budget needs to be presented by March 15th.

Town Council decided to have another town meeting next Tuesday January 19th at 6PM

#6 Reimbursement for Observing Derecho Tree Removal 00:42:20

NOTES: Council needs to talk to people first. Has been tabled.

#7 Update on FEMA 00:43:05

NOTES: The Tree cutters are about done. Should be done by the end of the week. FInal invoices will be in.

00:44:10 Tree Stumps. FEMA only remberses for cutting the stumps not grinding them.

00:45:45 Ash Pile. NOTES 4 different ways to deal with ash pile. 1. Getting it to a farmers field. 2. Land fill. 3. Mix it with concrete. 4. Burry it. It was suggested to go to land fill. Easiest way. Fill out the paper work, send to DNR then send to FEMA.

#8 205 Center Street - bid for lots 00:48:50

NOTES: Council decided to put in paper for sale. Also add the fact that the house has to be torn down.

#9 Alley Fence Repair 800 Block of 4th Street 00:50:25

#10 Dump Truck Replacement 00:53:50

NOTES: Dump truck is damaged. A Pin snapped in two. Its not worth fixing it. Dump Truck and Push snow but can haul it. Something will have to be done soon. Alan plans to come up with various options for the council to decide on how to replace it.

#11 Betterment Committee Disbanded. Holiday Decorations and FLags Display Now City Responsibility. SHipping Container purchase 00:58:45

NOTES: Town is now responsible for putting up and down flags and decorations. City shed can’t hold everything. Need a shipping container. The decorations stored at the Community Church and Heart of Iowa currently. The Council is not sure if the Betterment Committee is completely disbanded or just changing responsibilities. Alan will discuss with the Betterment Committee. Council tabled

#12 Equipment Purchased from Hardin County 01:03:40

#13 Committees 01:04:45

Adjourn 01:04:50

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