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Union Council Meetings Aug 10 2021

There are timecodes (00:00:00) showing when discussion of topics happened. To read the timecode it is Hours:Minutes:Seconds. These times are a rough estimate.

Italicized text - Council members vote count. If there is no count then it is unanimous.

Bold text - Main points within the video from the Original Agenda Sheet

Bold and Italicized text - imported dates of meetings

Regular Text - Sub-categories or points of interest within the main points.

NOTES - A few Categories only have ‘NOTES’ with them. It gives a summary of the discussion



6:20pm Tuesday, August 10, 2021


Motion 3:45 - 3 Yes 2 Absent. Passed.


6:30pm Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

00:04:50 Roll Call: Tom Bays, Alan Donaldson, Nathan Bernard, Cindy Clemons, Candy Wait.

Public Comments

05:00: Resident asks about cost for the Helicopter. Fire Chief- It cost nothing - Its part of training with the volunteers on the fire department, EMTS.

(The camera ran into an issue and stopped recording. There are maybe about 20 seconds missing. We apologize for any inconvenience)

00:07:40 - Head of the parade? Probably UBA

00:07:50 Update on city tags? Will be here tomorrow.

00:08:50 Approval of Agenda

00:09:10 Approval of Consent Agenda: July Regular and Special Meeting

00:10:15 motion

00:10:30 Minutes and Claims Paid.

00:11:10 - Motion to approved

00:12:15 Reports

Clerk: In the papers council members have.

Rhonda's Report (Water): Called. The well repair went well. The annual wastewater reports are out. She was going on vacation and wouldn't be able to come to the meeting but emailed it. No issues with wastewater.

Sheriffs: Busy. 16 calls.

Pool Report: Closed pool Saturday Aug 7th., average of 16 people. Had 3 parties. Bit of vandalism. Slide needs repaired, heater, fence, diving board. One lifeguard, did no call, no show. Manager got CPO certificate. (for chemical stuff). Need someone up there full time. Ball park for repairs? roughly $20,000 or so.

FEMA: Talked to the guy. They are in the volunteer part of it. Made a spreadsheet but they are not happy with it. They had to redo it. They wrote down a trailer but no truck. Gone though the federal side and now on the state side.

Fire Chief: Sounds like they got the check. Grant for New gear, air packs and washer for gear. Hear a call or two about no one here at the station during the day. Talking to a few people to see if they are interested in joining to help with that.

Maintenance: Sent link to a place with a dump truck.

Discuss and Action:

00:29:30 1. Well Pit Update

NOTES: Its been done. Replaced to shut off in the ground. It went well. Was only down for a day.

00:30:30 2. Consider Resolution 21-09 Modify credit card users

NOTES: Did reading. Coleen has a card, but John doesn't. Also add Lacy

00:32:05: Motion and Approved

00:33:10 3. Consider Resolution 21-12 Liens and write-offs

NOTES: Did reading. The write-offs are for the property that the city got. There is one that they thought someone paid off. They want to follow up on it. The rest file the leans.

00:36:40 Motion to file all of them except #5 till a follow up. Approved

00:37:00 4. Consider Resolution 21-13 No parking sign placement

NOTES: Did reading. South side of Barkly Street. Do the full street on the West end.

00:39:15 - Motion & Amend to add the west end - approved

00:40:00 5. 3 rd Reading Ordinance 166 Amending provisions to angle parking. Consider adoption of Ordinance 166.

NOTES: Did reading: 00:34:45 -

00:44:00 Vote: Passed. Moving forward with signing and having no parking sign on the other side of the road.

00:45:40 6. Consider approval of Gingersnap alcohol license.

Motion and approved

00:45:50 7. Approve hours city hall is open and purchase of open/closed sign.

NOTES: Right now Tuesday and Thursdays 9-3. Lacy has to leave by 2pm. She proposals to change it to Tuesday and Thursdays: 9-2 and Wednesday 4-6.

00:47:00 - Motion and Approved

00:47:40 8. Consider a change in the paper of record.

NOTES: Paper forgot to publish the hearing. Has been an issue with making sure other things are posted in a timely manner. It'd be easier with a daily paper. By law it has to be a newspaper. No online option. Resolution for next meeting

00:49:15 9. Present council with chapter 156 of City Code for review.

NOTES: Had a codification the other day. Issues on some house and rental codes. Needs to be done. Don't put unnecessary strain on the city. Keep it simple. Will relook at next meeting

00:53:25 10. Review of maintenance position job duties.

NOTES: Suggestion by John to move the maintenance to a volunteer position and having volunteers doing the work. Sounds like John might leave? Unsure. There are different maintenance job reviews/descriptions. Need one definition. Need to talk to John to know what is going on. Tom will talk to him to see what he wants to do. Tabled

00:59:50 Motion to table

01:00:05 11. Future of the pool.

NOTES: Need to decide about putting on the ballet about keeping the pool, or moving the funds. Needs to be turned by Sept 18. Need to put a report out. Step one is get it on the ballot.

Motion for the future of the pool to be on the ballot. Either keep the pool or close it and move the funds.

01:02:20 it's up to the people. Question asked: will there be a report also with how much it will cost for closing

01:04:20 approved

00:57:40 12. Snow removal for winter 2021-2022.

NOTES: Stephanie mentioned about hiring a contract due the equipment issues. COuncil needs to figure out how to hall the snow out. Its possible. There are options. Tabled. Relook at the previous proposals.

01:00:50 13. Sale of city owned/abandoned alleys

NOTES: There are some people who would like to buy the alley next to Lacys and Troy's house. City owns those alleys. They want to buy them from the city. They are not maintained by the city but they do own them. Offer all alleys to the adjoined properties. Can't build on them though. Many of them have utilities there. Willing to look into it. Look into the process. Tabled. Plans to look into it. Get better understanding of what they have to do.

01:014:20 adjourned.

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