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Union Council Meetings February 8th 2022

There are timecodes (00:00:00) showing when discussions of topics happened. To read the timecode it is Hours:Minutes:Seconds. These times are a rough estimate.

Italicized text - Council members vote count. If there is no count then it is unanimous. Or important information that seems important to highlight within NOTES.

Bold text - Main points within the video from the Original Agenda Sheet

Bold and Italicized text - imported dates of meetings

Regular Text - Sub-categories or points of interest within the main points.

NOTES - A few Categories only have ‘NOTES’ with them. It gives a summary of the discussion


Public Hearing

6:20 PM, Tuesday, February 8, 2022

No one said anything.

Regular Union City Council Meeting

6:30 PM, Tuesday, February 8, 2022

At union CIty Hall - 308 Center Street

00:00:00 1. Call to Order

00:00:15 2. Pledge of Allegiance

00:00:35 3 Rall Call: Tom Bays, Rita Collins, Ashley Wilson, Mindy Keller, Karrie Simpson.

00:00:50 4. Public Comments


Resident:00:50 - wants to see how to remove the 800$ on their water bill for the tree removal.

Mayor: it was discussed and Stephanie (previous mayor) gave her a year.

Resident: it hasn't been a year yet. The tree was removed on Jan 8th. The resident was cut it and used it over time. They left and came home to the city removing it. Stephanie (old mayor) said it had been there for a year. The tree originally got damaged during the Derecho and it was a hazard so the city cut it down. They then gave the resident a year to use it for firewood but then took the wood and fined the resident.

Councilmember: there was a dispute over the firewood when it was originally taken down.

Resident: The notice didn't have a tree on the letter to remove.

Council: That day they had a conversation and the contractor also said it had to remove it.

Mayor: she wanted to keep the wood for firewood. She had plenty of time to remove it. It wasn't. Council Member: Question: if the contractor was in charge of cleaning it up why is she getting the bill? Mayor: The ease way wasn't clear of the debris.

Resident: They took it out of my yard as well. The Deputy that was there also said they were in my yard.

00:07:00 Council members explained more about the fines, ordnance, and other examples. They also look over the letter sent, looking up rules.

00:10:30Councilmember:(talking to the resident as the other member are looking over the letter): Is your water meter still frozen? Resident: Yes. CM: Explaining to get a new one, inspection.

00:13:20 - Council members thinking for the future letters explain more about what the items need to be worked on. To explain what the complaints were and what brought attention to the property

00:16:45 Council Member: No action will be made tonight for the $800. It has to be put onto the agenda. The water meter you are getting tonight has to be put in within 14 days. If it does not work by that time the water will be turned off.

00:18:00 5. Approval of Agenda

00:18:15 6. Discuss and Action on Resolution 22-01

NOTES: Is this the normal amount that we do? Yes. That is the max it can be raised. That is the most it doesn't mean that is the amount that WILL be raised. The city has to post the MAX raised but can choose to go lower.

00:24:00 Rita Motion to approve of the tax increase. Tom - Seconds - Vote: 00:25:25 - Approved

00:25:35 7. Approval of Consent Agenda, City Council minutes and Library minutes, and Claims paid.

NOTES: Tom Motion to approve. Rita seconds - 26-11: approved

8. Reports

a. Clerk Report

NOTES: The report is accurate. Questions? Council Member: The pool operation jumps

42000. Clerk explaining why.

00:28:30 b. Sheriff Report

NOTES: There were 12 calls

28:40 c. Water/wastewater report

NOTES: No report. Rhonda is on vacation

29:00 d. Mayor's report

NOTES: Update on the abandoned properties. Properties hopefully won't have the attorney involved. The car down the road has been removed but full again. Thinking of removing parking on the side of the roads heading east on the main road. The adding no parking will be added as an agenda for the next meeting.

00:32:50: Committee situations: Council Member: What are the committee responsibilities?

Mayor: if something comes up in the committee area. They are the fact-finders

Council Member: Does the mayor appoint or do we volunteer?

Mayor: I appoint.

Council Member: I have no issues with it but am confused about the pool one

Mayor: We may change up some of them.

00:36:00 Mindy: I am on the park committee and there is a grant for the park. It has to be turned in by Feb 25. There is also one for the pool

Council Member: did they fix the issue with the baby pool? no

Mindy: I know a guy who can take a look at all of the issues with the pool and make a list and a cost list. We don't have a list of all the things that need to be fixed.

Clerk: Is it a matching grant?

CM: not sure but it says in the grant.

Mindy: it is our 150th and the UBA has big plans for Tar Heel days. UBA wants to be part of the pool and park.

Clerk: The grants were filled out by the UBA. Who is responsible to match the funds? It's under their ID right now. Should it be under the city?

Council Member: If there is money available why not get it?

Another Council Member: But if we don't have the funds to match we can't get the grants. We could use the funds in other places, like equipment. We need to have a budget meeting.

46:00 - if it's under their tax ID is it their responsibility to match it?

47:20: UBA has a meeting on Feb 22 - Mindy will mention it to them.

00:47:50 9. Discuss and action on fire department getting a washer installed

NOTES: Got one. Needs one for the gear cleaning. The Washer costs 6000$. strongly recommend a water softener & heater. but plumbing underfloor may be an issue. Willing to help to do the plumbing. Installing new drains. WILL NOT do electric. Doesn't have the licensing. The cost will be about 4-500$ for the drain, piping: 350$. Water softer: 600$ Heater: 200$.

Fire Dept will cover the cost out of their budget. They are just getting the council approval

00:52:50: Mindy motion, Karrie seconded Approved

00:53:05 10. Discuss and action on fire department getting openers replaced

NOTES: Quotes? Got 2. The first door stopped working when? Sept-oct. The pumper truck door is starting to go. The manufacture for the doors was 2003 when installed brand new. They are outdated. The new ones will have a timer on them and it will auto close.

Council Member; Preference? Troy: Advanced did them last time and they worked with us and does a good job.

00:56:50 - Motion to go with Advanced (Troy will get the appointment set up). Approved

00:57:30 11. Discuss and action on approval of Try Wilson as Fire Chief

NOTES: 00:58:00 Approved

00:58:20 12. Discuss and action on city clean update

NOTES: Mayor: Talked to Jan Clark. April 29th works for them. The 2 roll-off last year worked very well. They do have to watch them overnight. Dropped off Friday night then picked up Saturday morning. They picked up early Saturday last year. The hazard waste is thinking of skipping this year and trying every other year. Last year there were only a few people that came up.

01:03:00 Motion for Clean up on April 29th. - Approved

Mayor will get a list of what is NOT accepted. There is a fee for appliances.

01:4:15 13. Discuss and action on setting dates for a budget workshop

NOTES: They will be Tuesday 15th at 10 am., Wednesday 23rd, 5 pm.

14. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn 01:9:30

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