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Union Council Meetings May 10th 2022

*** I had issues with my camera and the tripod. There are a few moments when the camera is shaky due to me moving the camera and adjusting the tripod. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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00:01:00 3. Public Comments-No Council Action Taken


Res1: Baby pool needs attention. It looks like a swamp

Council Member: We are aware and plan on cleaning it out here soon.

00:02:00 Res 2: Neighbor has a messy yard. Town Council: were looking into it. They just moved in. They might be doing other things inside the house to justify the mess. There are other people that have moved into town. Someone will talk nicely to the new couple who moved near the snap

Res 3: Is there an Iowa law that can allow the town to condemn a house?

Res 1: If the town will probably be responsible to tear it down and such.

00:08:00 Res 4: I am doing the movie and who is paying me to do the grant funds?

Town: We are working on it.

Res: Thank you for the dumpster.

00:10:20 4 Approval of April City Council and Library minutes and Claims Paid

NOTES: Perry sent in his bill for taking out the walkway. Paid him. There was an emergency manhole problem and the work was done. Motion: to approve of paying the bills including the south fork.

5. Reports

00:12:15 Clerk Report: In paperwork. The clerk has been absent due to personal matters

00:13:15 Sheriff Report: in paperwork

Water/Wastewater Report: No Report

00:13:30 Mayor's Report: NOTES: Interesting clean-up. Fire department got the creek burned off. Had some issues with creek flow after the rain in parts

6. REQUEST TO BE ON AGENDA - Marty Wymore with Region 6

00:14:45 Marty Wyamore with Region 6 14:45 **Camera shaky

NOTES: Region 6 helps fund projects.

Mayor: we do have some bridges that may need to be looked at.

Town: Can we have multiple projects under one grant?

Marty: yes

00:21:20: Town: Short term can we or the farmer clear it out of the creek bed? opening it a bit more and easing the flow.

00:23:00: Marty: Talk to the board of engineers. There would be a lot of questions for an engineer that you (Town) will have to ask an engineer. Like how much are you taking, moving the dirt too?

Town: Its been before

Res 1: County did it.

Marty: Do you have any funds?

Town: Kind of. We have money but we have a lot of projects that we need to do. The creek is the most expensive one we're looking at. We still have upfront money for an engineer to come in and look at stuff.

Marty: Roads are not eligible but bridges might be able to and maybe the creek. It can take 3-4 years to get it going.

00:27:00 Town: Do you have recemonned engeers?

Marty: Possibility. I want to look at my contacts first. After the meeting, we can talk about the process and who you could start talking with.

00:29:30 Res: Department of Iowa land and sewers may have some funding

Marty: You will have to look to see what you can use to play with. EX: sales tax?

Res: Maybe we can change the route of the river?

Town: Can we legally?

Res: No. Have to get permission

00:32:00 Town: So we get an engineer to say what needs to be done? Then get a contractor to get the work done?

Marty: Engeer first then funding fase. (6-9months) Than 3 months for environmental reviews.

Town: Before we get the funding we have to know the cost.

Marty: The Engineers will figure the cost. The estimated time is about 2023 ish

Town: We can't do a short-term repair unless we get permission from the Department of Engineers or from the county?

Marty: I can't speak for them

00:35:00 Marty: There can be funding for cleaning up properties but the city has to own the building. There is funding available for asepsis studies.

Mayor: 00:38:00 Shows Marty an ordinance pertaining to asepsis.

Town: Fire Cheif would go through and condemns the building. Where does that file with?

Mary: Most towns hire an engineer.

Town: What stops that person from selling the house and the next person doesn't know it's a commented house.

Res: You could also get an injunction so the person cant sell it.

40:00:00 Marty: We can help with the pool with a 20% grant program. You might have to completely replace the pool structure

Town: The waterway is the main issue. The other one is the manhole issues. Needing to raise those but we probably can't get a fund for that.

Marty: There are no upfront fees to figure out how to start, fund, and move forward with projects. We are here to help.

00:42:15 Town: We have a lot of issues of infrastructure issues that have been neglected over the years and we need to start working on them.

00:46:00 7. Floyd Hammers with concerns about the creek

NOTES: Floyd: There is now recognition that there are problems and the town should take action before the problem grows bigger.

The retaining wall has moved again. You can get someone to look at it.

Town: We did last year and they looked but didn't do anything.

Res: Will the town give me permission to look into it?

Town: Yes.

Res: There's a board that no longer does its functions anymore and causing issues. I'll talk to some people and see if We can get it figured out.

Res: We can file something to force the town to do something. Makes the town legally obligated to fix it.

Res 2: We have to get a new definition. It may not be protected anymore under the clean water act.

Town: It's still protected.

Res: I can get info about it and get it together for the next meeting. Also thank you for everything the council does.

Res: If I get a contract for under 500$ can I do it?

Town: We cant approve that, unfortunately.

00:53:40 8 Nathan Demand about his alleyway

NOTES: Nathan: I own both alleys. Sharal and I will pay both for the legal changes of the deed for the alleyways.


NOTES: Approve it and waive the 2ed and 3ed reading

Reading: 00:57:45 - During reading it says Auget 1st but the other one has July 1st. Reading contuened

11 WATER RATES 11, Consider waiving 2 and 3 readings of ORDINANCE 169.


12. Adopt ORDINANCE 169.



NOTES: Reading. Another possible error. The town will look at it.

Motion: 01:04:20 to approve. approved

01:04:30 14. Consider waiving 2 and 3ed readings of ORDINANCE 170.

Motion to approve - approved

01:05:00 15 Adopt ORDINANCE 170.


01:05:05 16. Consider for approval RESOLUTION 22-06 vacation of alley and transfer of title

NOTES: There was some sort of issue when someone went up to the courthouse to move the deed but there is apparently two blocks issues as J in Union. The town as to read the ordnance again.

Reading 01:06:40

01:10:00 17. Discuss and action on maintenance and/or mowing position

NOTES: Do we want to get a maintenance person or do we want to contract out the mowing?

Council Member:: Talked to Al about it. He thought about it. Doesn't want to do it but is willing to help out till there's someone that does it full time. If we hire someone to mow we will probably have to get a new mower or do some major repairs. It's in rough condition.

Lavelle? maybe? They do the phone company and cemetery. Karrie's cousin runs it.

Town: We mow park, library, town sign, etc. If they want to come down and look. BUT what do we do about the problem houses? How do we do that?

TC: If we go that route then we will have to pay for it and appraise it as we have been but the cost will be different.

Res: Right now you would have to change the code if the cost changes. It's at the state price now.

Mayor: Talk to Lavelle and see what the options are.

Tom: I can help mow for a bit till we hear back.

Karrie: I will try to reach out tonight or tomorrow morning.

Tom: In the meantime how does the council feel about Al doing the mowing for the time being. It'll be more 40$

We cant do abatements if our grass is longer than theirs.

01:18:40 - Is anyone interested in part-time work?

A new resident put a flyer at the snap and they do mowing. He might be interested.

Let's keep what we originally planned but well keep the Maintenance position open.

01:20:2018. Discuss and possible action on pool updates.


Mindy/Ashley: We are doing pool clean-up on May 21st. Open June 1st. 12 pm -8 pm. Not sure about the wage yet.

CM: Did we get an estimate on repairs?

Mindy/Ashley: No. We are hoping on May 21st. That is just to get a quote and make a list. Not an engineer

CM: Does it have to be inspected?

Mindy/Ashley: Yes, out of the county. Not the state. They just pop in. If you are open then they inspect

CM: Where are lifeguards?

Mindy/Ashley: About 5ish. We didn't put out an ad. 11 is nice to have. We plan to get more and it is advised to close on the holidays.

CM: Do we have to vote on the wage for lifeguards? You don't have to approve the lifeguards but if everyone agrees then it's fine.

Mindy/Ashley: It will be about 10.50 Last year and it will be fine for this year

1:25:10 - Motion to post the ad with pay at 10.50. We possibly have lifeguards coming in from Hubbard since they are closing their pool.

If you plan on opening on June 1st there will probably have to have a special meeting to approve it.

Whos the manager? Mindy or Ashley will share the responsibility. Other residents have volunteered and sit at the pool and watch. Lacy will do the chemicals.

ManHole Issues: There was a bill from South fork. The farmer nocked a manhole off and called it in. The manhole is full of dirt. This is probably a good time to raise it. The consensus was that it was an old line. So no issue with sewer backup. Then wanted to find the new manhole.

In the meantime, the farmer is mad and wanted to plant the field. So now lawyers and county are involved. He doesn't care what the city does he won't approve anything and the city can't be on his property.

The goal is to raise the manhole so they don't get backup in rainwater. Since we had an issue it would be a good time to get it working on it. The department of Engineers suggested 5 manholes. There isn't a description/ rules on the manholes. Can the city raise them up? Can the farmer farm around it?

The landowner has a lawyer looking into it and fighting tooth and nail over it. Right now the county is looking for a description of the easement.

It was an emergency situation and we opened it up to confirm the use of the sewer lines.

Res: Why didn't they have a survey done with them moving and bulldozing burn stuff?

Town: They should've.

01:36:00 (NOT ON ORIGINAL AGENDA) Mayor: So when Lacy gets back, the mayor has something for the ditch near Nates place. (Its a quote for repairs?)

19 Adjournment

01:38:00 - Adjourned.

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There are timecodes (00:00:00) showing when discussions of topics happened. To read the timecode it is Hours:Minutes:Seconds. These times are a rough estimate. Italicized text - Council members vote c

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