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Union Council Meetings: September 14, 2021


Regular Meeting City Hall Union, Iowa

6:30pm Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

00:00:00 Call to Order

00:00:10 Pledge of Allegiance

00:00:30 Roll Call:

00:00:35Public Comments

00:05:00 Approval of Agenda

Motion & Approved

00:05:05 Approval of Consent Agenda: August Regular and Special Meeting Minutes and Claims Paid.

00:06:50 Reports:

Discuss and Action:

00:12: 40 1. Maintenance Position

Get part time man? Contract out? Mowing probable. Perry may be interested in the snow removal. Possibly have contractor use town equipment. Probably get a new blade.

Clerk want more hours as Maintenance? Lassie - Kind of? Has family obligations. With contracting out the some of the work Lasy may just need to do water turn offs and use the radio reads for water. (In townhall gets about 60%) Bids out for lawnmowing during winter to prep for spring.

Got to figure what is the defines the maintenance positions, expecially when contracting out now.

Biggest issue with plowing is needing to haul it. Dump truck is broken. Put add into paper? One for snow hauling, and Snowing plowing.

2. Snow Removal for winter 2021-2022

Under #1

00:21:15 3. Discuss Clerk Duties and Collen's Resignation

00:22:20 4. Consider Resolution 21-14 Paper of Record Change

00:23:40 5. Consider Resolution 21-15 Authorizing the Allocation of Local Option Sales Tax in the City of Union, IA

Putting on the ballet: Moving the pool money from pool to capital and Repairs. Gives voters the option. Motion & Approved

00:26:15 6. First Reading of Ordinance 167 Vacating of City Owned Alleys

7. Waive 2ed and 3rd readings of Ordinance 167 Vacating of City owned Alleys

Under #7

00:37:15 8. Adopt Ordinance 167 Vacating of City owned Alleys

00:37:25 9. Review Chapter 156 (rental Inspections) of City Code

(The clip cuts out at this point. I had technical issues.)

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