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Union Council Special Meeting March 14 2022

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I was about 20 minutes late for the meeting. We jump in as Jr. is talking about the ambulance and you can see and hear me setting up the trypod.

Union Special Meeting

March 14, 2022

0:02:00 - Ambulance

NOTES: Jr. Speach about the ambulance and funds. Jr. will probably go door to door to talk to the community to see if anyone would like to join the paramedics.

00:07:22 Resolution about the budget

NOTES: Motion to accept it. Question: what if we do if someone did abject?

00:09:30 Motion and approved

00:09:50: Resoltun ally and adjacent property

NOTES: This is mostly to vacate the alleys. There has to be a public hearing and a notice in the newspaper. (Hearing will be next regular meeting) Everyone listed has paid $1 for the alley that the city agreed to. It costs money to have the deed or certificate to have it moved to the resident and some members of the Town Councile believe the recipients should pay. It's 2-300$ per certificate. The clerk suggests sending a letter to the recipients to let them know about the cost of the certificate.

Question: if one alley isn't bought by all the neighbors how would that work? Not sure.

Should we just vacate the alleyways? Are we released from liability from the alleyways? Not sure

00:21:00 - The reason for the certificate is for example if someone is selling their house they can add that this part of the land is part of the house and it has to be filed at the courthouse.

00:23:30 - how do you determine where all the alleys are?

Might we be able to move forward with it? The alleys were utility easements so you couldn't build on them anyways. But it may have changed.

00:28:30 - Motion to move forward with the hearing, get more info and notify the recipients involved. Approved

00:29:30 Approve the city insurance

NOTES: It has NOT been paid yet. The check is written out. Is it the same? It did go up.

Motion to pay it approved

00:30:30 UBA Letter and grants

NOTES: What are the grants: One for the pool, park, and for the documentary of the town. (that one isn't mentioned in the letter)

Councilmember does agree with having fruit trees and bushes being planted in the park.

May agree if the Town Council and the UBA can decide BUT no problem with moving forward but with that stipulation. No issue giving the funds for the grants from their funds but the issue of the wording of the grants and diagram of the plan.

A decision probably has to be made tonight. The UBA will pay over 3k between the 3 projects.

Would the city receive the money? Yes, they would. The grant would have to change to go under the government segment and not the non-profit

00:39:50 - the School will be doing the communities projects soon, where the kids do some volunteer work for the towns. We could talk to the school for more information

00:41:30 Motion we pay the funds respectively from the grants with the expectations to work with the UBA to work on the trees.

00:52:00 - Everyone gets copies of the documentary grant and looks over. UBA not asking for money but need the city's tax id.

Would there be problems in the future if the city uses their ID? Not sure.

It would have to be redone to be under the city.

00:56:40 - Motion to approve all three grants and put the city's Tax ID number with communication with permanent buildings and trees

1 no - 4 yes

00:58:45 Motion to adjourn

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