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Union Park Spruce Up

After the Derecho back in 2020, the Union park needed to be beautified once again. The UBA, Union Betterment Association, applied for grants for various projects around Union. Like the pool, a documentary, and the Park.

"The Uba looked around town to see what things needed to be done, so we knew our park and our Sesquicentennial was coming up" Cynthia Knight, a UBA member said, "and we wanted to look beautiful for that so we applied or a grant with the Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation(HCCEF)"

After the UBA got the grant money they contacted Charlene Martin. She is a local resident of Union and working on completing the Garden Mater program. She has to intern under Garden Master Sally Wilson. Sally, Charlene, and Mayor Cindy Clemons went through the park deciding what to plant where. "We walked around the park and discussed what we thought would look nice in there and gave her the go-ahead to run with it," Mayor Clemons said. The Master Gardner's took into consideration what areas were heavily shaded or in the sun. The Master Gardeners also brought in some plants from their own gardens and donated them to the park.

The HCCEF says, "It is so exciting to see the grant money put to good use. We like to see our towns be proud of their community. Park growth means community growth and pride. We're looking forward to visiting!!!"

There were over 2 dozen volunteers that came to help spruce up the park. "The football team came. City council members came down. The UBA members are helping. The community is helping. Theirs no set group. We are all one family." A local resident said.

The Comets High School Football Coaches have actively been getting the football team to volunteer in the community. "Coach Pikna and I sat down in the off-season and went over some of the things we needed to do" Assistant Coach Sommerlot said, "To be really supportive of the community. It's really good for our kids to see that sports go way beyond the sports field."

When the football team first arrived they immediately picked up shovels, dugged a hole, and planted a tree. They worked hard in helping clean up the park and do a lot of the heavy lifting. Mayor asked if the kids were willing to help clean up Union's Storm Sewer Drains. "With the heavy rains, a lot of rock washed down the hill onto the highway and plugged up the drains." Mayor Clemons said, "They're doing awesome. I could keep them for about a week"

A volunteer and a guardian of one of the football players loves what the coaches are trying to do with the football team. She has even seen changes in her own child. "It's teaching him reasonability and to love his community. Take pride in his community." She says, "He just informed me, that if there's any other community events to let the coach know and they will be here to help."

If you would like to see if the football team can come out and help any community projects you can email the football coach at

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