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Union Pool Clean Up

Many events and activities where closed last year due to covid. The Union pool was no exception but this year the restrictions are lifting up, but covid left its mark. The Union Council wasn't sure if they could open the pool. There was many things that needed to be done and not enough time nor people to get it ready.

But with just a few social media posts and calls for help many people rallied to get the pool ready for summer. "We just put out the word, and within two hours we had lists of volunteers" Dianna says.

Groups of volunteers came Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday to get the pool ready by cleaning, brushing, sweeping, and scrubbing away over a years worth of buildup and grime. Dianna says, "It wouldn't be done without all the volunteers."

But even with the clean up there's still a few things that need to be done before the Union Pool can open. A few volunteers will work on the equipment making sure that they are fixed and ready to go for the summer.

The other thing that needs to be done is finding a pool manager and life guards. If your interested in applying contact Allen or Nathan.

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