Union Pool is Opening

With a year of the pool not being operated due to covid-19, it was unlikely that the pool would open this year. There were many concerns of opening in 2021, two of the biggest concerns were equipment not being used, broken down and doubts about enough patrons using the pool this coming year. At one of the council meetings there was a lengthily discussion about what to do. They decided to see what the community said and wanted to do.

In 2020 the pool was a mess from leaves piled high in the locker rooms, to a bench being in the deep end of the pool. With requests for volunteers to help, the community came out in droves. The Union Fire Department even came with a firetruck to help hose down the all grime in the pools. After a couple of fixes to the equipment and lifeguards hired, the pool was filled and is ready to open June 5th.

12-1 PM Adult (18+) Swim

1-7 PM Open Swim

Season Passes available at City Hall on Thursday, June 3rd (9 AM- 3PM) or at the pool when it opens.

$75 for households/family

$50 for single

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