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UPDATE: Grundy Center Shoot out ends 1 State Troopers Life

Iowa state patrol sergeant Jim Smith, a 27 year veteran of the state patrol, died in last nights shoot out in Grundy Center.

"We are hurting. We are angry. But rest assured we are not broken. We will continue to shoulder the burdens of our communities while carrying our own" says Stephan Bayens, commissioner of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, " We will continue to stand in the gap between good and evil because like Jim, that is what we are called to do."

On Friday night about 7:20pm officers did a traffic stop on Michael Lang who then attempted to flee. Later he stopped his vehicle and got out. He then assaulted and disarmed an officer by placing him into a choke hold. As more officers arrived on scene commanding Lang to put his hands up. Lang refused then got back into his vehicle and fled the area. Law enforcement then lost site of Lang. They went to Lang's residence at 305 G Ave in Grundy Center where law enforcement found his vehicle in the driveway and Lang going inside.

Law enforcement set up a perimeter around the home. Lang's father arrived on scene informing the law enforcement that Lang had firearms inside the home.

Around 9pm, four Iowa State Patrol troopers including sgt. Jim Smith and a K9 unit made entry into the home through the garage. As they where clearing the upstairs of the home, Smith was hit with gunfire. The entry team then saw Lang emerge from the doorway holding a black, pump-action shotgun. Then entry team split into two groups. One retreaded to the basement and the other got Smith out of the home. Smith was transported to a local hospital and was pronounced dead from a single gunshot wound.

ISP tactical team attempted an entry to the resident about midnight, with a wheeled armor personnel carrier. Lang shot at the personnel carrier and the entry team shot back wounding Lang.

Lang was transported to the University of Iowa Hospital and underwent surgery and is in critical condition. Lang will be charged with first-degree murder and is being held on a $1million bond.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing and the family is asking for privacy at this time.

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