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Update on Car Fire in Union

Around 9am this morning a truck traveling north on Main street in union caught on fire.

Earlier that day the Truck driver had burned some debris that he put into buckets which he loaded onto his vehicle. The wind re-ignited the embers, catching his truck on fire.

“He was coming down the street, flames coming out of the back of the truck. Parked it. He jumped out and his head was on fire. He got that put out and we of course called 911. John, a witness said.

The Truck Driver was taken to the Union Library till an Ambulance could come. Members of the Whitten Fire department were in the area and arrived at the scene. Due to regulations they could not officially respond until they were dispatched. They stayed there directing traffic and keeping others safe till the Union fire department could come.

“I was trying to direct people around it so nobody else got hurt. The civilians that were standing around it, I was trying to get them to so they didn't get hurt.” Lorry, a volunteer firefighter said.

The Union Fire department couldn't respond right away.Union fire department replied back to dispatcher saying that they can't respond and they need help. The Whitten Fire department was then dispatched.

But then one Union firefighter did end up responding by bringing a water truck and started to hose down the burning vehicle. Eventually another Union firefighter responded and showed up on scene.

During this time the Truck Driver was moved to the Gingersnap from the library, so the ambulance could get to him easier. The Eldora EMTS came and took him to the hospital with burns on the back and top of his head. It has been reported that he has 2ed degree burns.

The Union and Whitten fire departments were able to put out the fire and then Dave’s Crane came and removed the truck from the scene.

As the firefighters were cleaning up the burn debris they found that the truck got so hot that it burned the asphalt underneath.

We will post extra content like photos on our Facebook Page.

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