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UPDATE: Union Cemetery Car Fire

Yesterday, July 13th, around 3:30pm a car was on fire. Union, Whitten fire departments, Eldora EMS, and the Hardin county Sheriff department responded.

The driver was from the Des Moines, Altoona area. He was getting tired so he decided to pull over. He was heading south on S62 and turned East on 325th Street and missed pulling over in a field entryway. The rest of the road was steep ditch. He then tried to turn around but his passenger tire fell into the steep ditch putting the weight of the car onto the ground.

The driver then got out to get his car out but heard some crackling and sizzling.

" I heard a snap crackle and a pop and knew I was done" The driver said. He then promptly called 911 and moved away from the car.

"The page went out for a car in the ditch, on fire. We responded." Eric Sly a Union Volunteer Firefighter said.

Union got there as soon as they could and started to put out the ditch fire, knowing the man was already out and safe. Whitten soon came with their grass truck and pumper assisting Union. With the car hanging off the edge of the road and into the ditch it provided some challenges for the firefighters.

"Anything you have to do with steep ditches add can add challenges to anything you have to do." Eric said, "At that point it added some extra challenges with popping the hood with the way the car was handing over the ditch and the ground being so slick from all the water we were putting onto the car."

Despite the challenges the two fire departments work together and got the fire under control and out very quickly. A towing company from Des Moines, Altoona area came up and picked up the driver and his car.

There are photos and extra content on our Facebook page.

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