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Voting Center Locations

November 3rd is Election day. If you haven't filed an absentee ballet you can go to your prescient location to vote but there are 8 prescient so where do you go and vote? We talk to Jessica Lara about where you go to vote but also when you go what documentation you need to have in order to vote if you've pre-registered or if you are not register what extra documents do you need.

Prescient Locations:

Alden/buckeye -----------------------------------------Alden Legion Community Center

Eldora/Pleasant/New Providence/Union--------Eldora City Hall

Concord/Sherman/Grant/Tipton----------------Hubbard Fire Station

Eldora City--------------------------------------------------The Emergency Operation Center

Etna/Clay--------------------------------------------------St. John's United Church of Christ

Hardin/Ellis/Jackson------------------------------------Ellsworth Equine Center

Iowa Falls #1---------------------------------------------Barlow Memorial Library

Iowa Falls #2 ----------------------------------------------Iowa Falls Fire Station

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