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Whitten Fun Days

Saturday the Whitten Fire Department hosted Whitten Fun Days to help raise funds for much needed gear and training. "Funds are goin to the Fire Department to help get new gear for some of our new firefighters that we have on. We need to get new air tanks for our air packs. We got to update some our gear." Erin Cross, Whitten Mayor and WFD secretary says, "We got to get new gloves, nomex, that goes over our heads to protect us from fires. To help out with some training that we need, to get everybody up to spar."

They had a grill out between the Whitten and Union Fire Departments, a DJ all day, some water fun for the kids, a dinner and also did a car and Motor cycle show.

They did a prayer and a moment of silence for fallen firefighters. This past year the Whitten Fire department lost Cory Wilken and the Union Fire Department & EMS lost George Wait. They where close family members and large part of the committee.

They plan on doing this again next year closer to the end of July. They hope to see you there in support.

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